Atena Solution works on professional social networks management for companies and freelancers

We work in the web marketing sector both producing websites and managing social networks and we can affirm that today having only a website to generate contacts and sales is not sufficient any longer.

The rise of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more, radically changed everybody’s life and generated new opportunities to reach potential clients. What can you do thanks to the professional management of social networks?

  • Deploy sales of your products if you possess an ecommerce;
  • Increase consultancy requests in any field of work, if you are a consultant or a freelancer;
  • Make communications with clients fast and direct if you are a company offering services;
  • Increase followers or likes truly targeted with your objectives;

  • Efficient and high-profit Facebook Ads campaigns;

  • Social media marketing consultancy.

Social networks professional management

Stop managing your social in a handicraft way.
Let’s get serious

The social network management is fundamental within a complete and efficient web marketing strategy.

What achievements reach those who entrust their social pages to some “cousin” or “friend” and by doing so, spending a little money? They basically do not obtain anything but few likes or followers which, most of the times are not even targeted with their audience.

If you are thinking about managing your social channels by yourself, know that you will have to invest your time and some economic resources too, so to make it professionally. Now the question is: do you really have time to attend training courses? 

  • We analyze your sector and your competitors
  • Strategy study and drafting
  • Editorial plan study and drafting
  • Web page realization, setup and graphic design
  • Best hashtags for your work sector detecting
  • Posts planning and scheduling
  • Facebook Ads campaigns study and development
  • Statistical data analysis and monthly reports
Choose our professional social media marketing team

Atena Solution counts on a team of professionals exclusively dedicated to social network management activities.

Our all inclusive service is highly qualified because it allows us to offer you complete packages at competitive prices

Entrusting your social pages to your “cousins” or “friends” won’t bring you back any results, which instead we can grant you and most of all provide you with detailed documentation through reports each and every month.


strategy graphic

The strategist analyzes your sector, seasonality and your suggestions according to which then he will elaborate a successful marketing plan. He will also plan social advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads.

photographer and videomaker graphic

Depending on what package you choose, a professional photographer will realize a photo book that you can use to post on social media. These pictures will be also useful to different aims connected to your business.

graphic of a publisher

The publisher is that person that will schedule your posting activity on social media. Her/his duty is to elaborate persuasive, original and engaging texts and create graphic layouts suitable to your sector.

Social network management: all the advantages of a professional handling

Improving Brand Awareness
Brand satisfaction

Would you like to make your brand or trademark more visible and most of all more authoritative? A good social network management is just for this.

We will help you diffuse your brand awareness to the right target of users. We believe that identifying the correct audience relative to your sector is the best starting point to give a solid foundation to your social media presence.

With a social network management for commercial activities we will also help you enhance the perception users have towards your brand and business, by studying and creating a tailor-made strategy for you.

Social Advertising
Your presence on social media

We deploy online advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and upon the most important social networks.

We are able to get you concrete results with optimized cost to the very best, thanks to social network management for restaurants and to a perfect audience targeting.

Promoting your business or your receptive structure to who is really interested has never been so easy: with the receptive structures and hotels social media management you will be able to reach your public directly. 

Web traffic
More visits to your website

Did you know that social media is areally nice traffic source for your website? It is very important that a website is visited, most of all if it is a shop selling products online.

With the right techniques and strategies for agricultural businesses social network management we can create a strong interaction between your website and your social media pages.

Lead generation
More contacts

Have you ever heard talking about lead generation? It is about acquiring new contacts thanks to the web. Social networks provide a lot of tools useful to lead generation and with our support and strategies, the the freelancers social network management will generate new potential clients.

Brand loyalty
Clients satisfaction and loyalty

ou can enhance your clients’ satisfaction through social networks management for cosmeticians and hairdressers.

A satisfied client will become also a loyal client, who will keep on buying your products or services.

Brand ambassador
Clients speaks up about you

A satisfied and loyal client produces one more benefit, very important to a business or to a freelancer.

A social network management for businesses developed in a professional and involving manner will also lead to a positive word-of-mouth. News run fast on social media and you can exploit this opportunity to let your initiatives diffuse and be shared quickly. Satisfied clients and your social pages’ fans will do word-of-mouth.

Discover our professional social network management services

A professional social network management ensures commitment and continuous tutoring and most of all, costs optimization before ensuring results.
corporate social media management

Social network management for businesses

Are you the owner of a business but you don’t have enough time to manage your social profile? Entrust it to our social media marketing professionals. We help you bring about leads and potential clients.

Social management for commercial activities box

Social network management for commercial activities

Are you the owner of a commercial activity? Find out how we can help you enhance your activity’s visibility and reliability, bring more clients to your shop and so increase your sales.

social network management for restaurants

Social network management
for restaurants

Young people, but adults as well, almost exclusively communicate through social media. That is why social media is the best marketing tool to attract them to your restaurant.

social media management for entrepreneurs and professionals

Social network management for freelancers

Time is money, you know that very well. By delegating your social channels to a communication professionals team, you will be able to focus exclusively on your business.

social media management for hotels and accommodation structures

Social network management for hotels

Do you have a hotel, a farmhouse or a B&B? Find out our social media marketing services dedicated to the hospitality sector. Increase the bookings rate in your structure with our social advertising techniques.

social network management for farms

Social network management for agricultural businesses

If you are thinking that social networks are not suitable for agricultural business, you will have to reconsider. We will follow you step by step in the study of an efficient strategy and we will show the results to you.

Social media management prices and quotation.

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