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Atena Solution realizes professional websites for businesses and freelancers.

We have been operating in the web marketing sector for lots of years and to us creating a website is much more than a job and a way to earn money. That is because what we really care for is making a website to make our clients achieve important goals:

  • sell their products if they want to sell online;
  • increase the number of contacts for services delivery if you own an enterprise;
  • being contacted to offer and sell your consultancy if you are a freelancer.

In order to reach one of these goals we do not suggest you the implementation of a brochure website that would simply correspond to your paper booklet, but replicated online. We realize unique websites that include the correct CMS configuration, based on the type of site to be realized; our hosting service is efficient and makes your website loading fast; contents and texts we elaborate are optimized for search engines positioning (SEO copywriting) and much more.

Types of websites we realize

corporate websites realization

Websites for businesses

We realize websites for businesses, SME and new startups. Our sites are made with WordPress and so they are setted for the business owner, or somebody for him, to be able to update the website’s contents. We provide you with final training so that you can work on your site on your own.

creation of websites for professionals

Websites realization for freelancers

That professionist (lawyer, doctor, consultant…) taking advantage of the internet with a website increases his/her possibility to produce more contacts and consultancy requests. Moreover you can position your site by presenting yourself as an expert or benchmark in your sector and to your audience, not only with a brochure website, but implementing your site with a blog in which share content and inbound marketing.

websites ecommerce realization

Ecommerce websites realization

We are experts in the realization of performing and optimized eCommerce websites for you to quickly sell your online products. 
We can offer you the correct solution both tailored for a small business with few products in its catalogue or for a bigger business with a vast products catalogue.

websites for accommodation structures

Accomodation facilities websites

Are you the owner of a hotel, B&B, farmhouse or a holiday home? We realize websites for all Italian and British clients in order to bring tourists to their structure. Find out the way we can increase your touristic recommendations and deals.

NPO and associations free websites

Are you the owner of an association, NPO or the head of some humanitarian project?
Well if that is the case we are going to realize your website for free! Yes, you understood well! FOR FREE!!
What is the only fundamental assumption in order for that to happen? Well, easy… your project must have no commercial purpose, completely no-profit!
It may be a humanitarian association, a dog shelter or any other kind of charitable work without any earning purpose!

First of all, would you like to see your website preview?

“A non binding graphic design”

If you are curious to know how your website could be, contact us for a preview demo!
We will provide you, without no obligation towards us, with a customized graphics design of how your site could be! Cool, right?

Atena Solution: what we do and deal with

Atena Solution is a web agency specialized in professional websites realization and web marketing strategy development, as for example the SEO positioning.

We deal with web portals, eCommerce, blog and landing pages development using CMS as PrestaShop and WordPress. Our clients are accurately and precisely assisted and we maniacally take care of website details we create because our main goal is to offer our clients an excellent product.

Our headquarter is located nearby Perugia, central Italy but we are able to follow clients from all cities, technology defeats distances. 

Once you have established a contact with us, we’re going to schedule for you a call for a free consultancy and, after we’ve seen your project and understood your goals we’re going to give you a quote calculated on the basis of your needs and budget. Estimate is not constraining.

Questions and curiosities on websites realization

Thanks to our experience we know that when a professionist or a business approaches the web marketing world or wonders about looking to reconstruct a website already functioning, it has some questions and doubts to be answered and solved. We thought to gather the several questions we receive the most here.

What are wordpress and prestashop

They are a mean to create dynamic websites on which you can intervene by updating or generating new contents by yourself. These CMS have been developed from the best professional programmers from all over the world. On one hand they allow technicians to develop websites featured with all implementations and on the other they help owners (site owners or someone for them) to update their website autonomously.

What can you do with a CMS

We can realize websites of all kinds and for every sector:

  • Brochure website
  • Ecommerce website
  • Web Portal
  • Blog
  • Much more

Static or dynamic websites realization: the differences

The websites we realize are dynamic and they differ from static websites. The first kind are based on the PHP language, the other kind on the HTML coding language. What are the implications to you?

The main difference between them is that static websites do not allow you to interact with them and you can not intervene by yourself even to upload a picture or a text; instead dynamic websites allow you to have high levels of interaction.

How long does it take to realize a website

It depends on the scale of the project. A website with few pages can not be compared to an eCommerce containing hundreds of products or to a portal with hundreds of contents.

A free consultancy will help you clarify what you can do to put into reality the project you have in mind and establish a realization schedule.

Budget: how much does a website cost

Also in this case we can inform you with a clear cost only after an attentive consultancy. Very much depends on how complex the project is, on the copywriting unless you provide us with texts and other variables influencing the final price.

Do you need to talk to an expert so you can find an answer to your thousand doubts?


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