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WordPress online support

Atena Solution offers an online WordPress assistance service drawn up on the basis of your needs.
If you have a blog, a personal or corporate website, WordPress is, with no doubts, one of the best CMS for website realization and management. Thanks to this open source CMS, lots of people are now able to build and manage their website on their own and with low difficulty.

However, this CMS offers a lot more advanced functions that may request online wp support to enhance your site. Moreover we do not neglect the fact that some unexpected issues may arise subsequently with some WordPress update or its plug-ins update that may cause incompatibility between them or the site to crash.

In cases like this it’s better to consult our online wp support that will enable you to solve your problems in no time and with no stress.

Online WordPress consultancy and assistance: what can we do for you

Basically we can assist you with any problem that can appear on your website and solve them. We also can help you by concretely intervening on your site to implement it.

Technical assistance

Your website does not work how it should? It may depend on several causes. Avoid stress and time loss. We track down any issue very quickly and sort it out in no time.

Online or telephone WordPress assistance

Our method is slim and simple:

  • Skype or Zoom video cal on shared screens
  • telephone assistance
  • chat support

Assistance on WordPress issues

  • Fast website recovery
  • Website migration
  • Password revery
  • Data recovery 
  • Contents recovery
  • Domain recovery

and much more

WordPress No Problem

Are you terrified of having problems on your WordPress website or are you simply looking for a team of professionals assisting you by your side all inclusively? Well, then find out our No Problem WordPress website assistance package and choose the most suitable path to your requirements.

WordPress Assistance

12 months
  • Theme update
  • WordPress update
  • Plug-ins update
  • Database backup
  • Website backup

WordPress Assistance

12 months
  • Theme update
  • WordPress update
  • Plug-ins update
  • Database backup
  • Website backup
  • Website performace analysis
  • 1 hour of monthly assistance

All inclusive
WordPress assistance

12 months
  • Theme update
  • WordPress update
  • Plug-ins update
  • Database backup
  • Website backup
  • Website performace analysis
  • Monthly Keyword research
  • Quarterly editorial plan drafting
  • 2 hours of priority monthly assistance
technical assistance wordpress

Most common issues we fix on WordPress

Here we listed a set of the most common situations which you may find difficult to escape and that we can sort out for you.

CMS installation and setup

The first WordPress installation must be performed correctly in order to let your website run. Some hosting providers offer a control panel from which, within just a click, you can easily install WordPress.

In other cases, instead, it may not be as obvious and it is necessary to install the CMS manually and remotely through programmes for the upload of all WordPress files via ftp.

During this delicate step we can assist you so everything runs smoothly.

WordPress theme and plug-in installation and setup

WordPress is like a flat to be furnished. Once the CMS has been installed it’s necessary to “furnish the website” to make it captivating and there are a lot of free and paid-for themes that can give your site a nice graphic layout and plug-ins for your site to have more functionalities. 

The most known plug-in is WooCommerce, which, once installed on WordPress, enables a website to the online sale, making it a real ecommerce. Being one of the most relevant plug-ins, we dedicated to it a WooCommerce support service which is centred on its countless settings functionalities.

What theme to choose for your website? The theme choice is very important and one should consider various and significant factors as the theme source of origin.

Theme origin

A lot of themes are developed and sold by freelancers that soon or late leave the project and stop working on it and that turns into a problem each time WordPress releases a new update. If graphic themes do not stay updated with PHP’s new versions from WordPress, they may stop working correctly with the passing of time. From a security point of view it may happen that some vulnerabilities may make space for hackers’ attack.

The online WordPress websites support we provide you with doesn’t only aim to sort out the problem, but has also a preventive purpose. Do you want to consult us before choosing a graphic layout? It will be our concern to help you guide to secure portals and choose between various solutions.

We will help you understand if a certain theme is compliant with Google’s SEO standards (performance, size, responsiveness) and whether the seller is reliable.

You don’t know well where or how to intervene in your WordPress shop?

“To each one his own job”

Contact us without any obligation and together with a consultant you will evaluate the best action to make. You will be the one to choose us.

We will answer in no time!