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Opening up to the world of Web Marketing nowadays has become a necessity for every kind of professional activity. Relying on the expertise of specialists of this sector represents the first step to develop every detail of the best strategy to undertake, based on the goals you want to achieve.

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Our Team

In order to efficiently navigate the world of Web Marketing we set up a young, flexible and highly specialized team. Our specialization comes from our passion for the Web and it continuously grows thanks to constant research and professional training. These on the right side are our job profiles: we are available to give you advice, guide you through and give you assistance during every step you would like to take in the World Wide Web! Marketing management nowadays has become a need for every kind of professional activity. Relying on the expertise of specialists of the sector represents the first step to develop in every detail the best strategy to undertake, based on the goals you want to achieve.


The professional consultancy from our supervisor is essential for an initial evaluation.


Programmers, Web Developers and a SEO Specialist are at work to digitize your needs.


A Digital Marketing Strategist and a Social Media Strategist are continuously engaged in improving every successfully deployed strategy to keep it as a constant during the time.


Our E-commerce Sales Specialist constantly works very closely to either the Web Development dept. and the Marketing dept. to stay updated with the rapid changes that occur in the online market, in the different commodity sectors and among the various selling platforms.


A Photographer, a Videomaker and a Graphic Designer work symbiotically to turn your realities into digital optimized content so they are transformed to narrate your story in the best way possible.

Professional training and daily commitment

Our team is under continuous training in order to keep up with times and support you with the best preparation and professionalism.


We offer a free consultancy without any obligation to make an evaluation of the best way to reach your goals and fulfill your needs.


We do Website developing wether brochure websites and e-commerce websites trying to meet your needs at our very best. We also evaluate and intervene on structural and graphic restyling and on the indexing of sites already running and functioning.


Every website we develop is the result of a SEO study process we conduct for a correct Google indexing. We deploy and follow targeted Google ADS sponsored campaigns based on your project goals.


We plan and realize Marketing promotion campaigns on the Web. We also manage your communication on social media and we realize sponsored campaigns on Facebook ADS.


“All-inclusive E-commerce” it’s a A to Z complete package including e-commerce website and all other Marketplaces management: from stockroom to shipment management!

Our Services

At every well done job’s core must be a focused and professional evaluation of the most profitable and proper manner to develop your project.
There are a lot of aspects that need to be analyzed in order to determine the direction the project needs to take and by so achieving the results desired.
We fulfill our clients’ projects by developing websites and e-commerce websites with any kind of customization.
We are a Prestashop Web Agency specialized in e-commerce sites development that have at their base a successful strategy
We take care of SEO indexing, Adwords sponsorships and Advertising Marketing.
We manage the corporate communication with the Social Network Management service and Facebook ADS sponsorships..
We provide an all-inclusive package for the complete management of your e-commerce, whether Prestashop or WooCommerce: starting from storage management, including sales management (e-commerce + Marketplace) and also shipment management.
We make and post-produce photos and videos for your advertising campaigns on the Web.

Are you curious to know which solution is more suitable to your company? 

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Who chose us:

One of our clients: sale accessories and spare parts for motorcycles

Prestashop e-commerce

Motorbikes and scooters replacement parts and accessories sale, specialized in custom and naked motorbikes. 

One of our clients: il borgo holiday home in Montefalco


A holiday house in Montefalco, the elegance of a mansion surrounded by the old town of Montefalco.

One of our clients: lawyer micanti consultancy online


Brochure website of a law office specialized in civil and criminal law offering an online consultancy service.

One of our clients: armory metelli sale clothing and accessories for hunting

Prestashop e-commerce

Clothing, footwear and accessories sell for all kinds of hunting and for firing range sport.

One of our clients: megliolacialda shop coffee distributor

Prestashop e-commerce

A vast selection of coffee pods and coffee pads from the best coffee brands.



Luxury furnishings, wood paneling and historic floorsThe Wood Alchemist – Simone Castelli is not a furniture factory, he is not a wood craftsman.

One of our clients: corsi eventi 4 sport


Educational sports courses CONI accredited, innovative sport webinars, online training and coaching.

One of our clients: primaservice vending machines


Brochure website of a vending machines distributor, from the food sector, leader in the Lazio region and in the Roman metropolitan area.

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Enhance your corporate image and the same will happen with your business!

“Why make it better? Investing for improvement? Why? My business is already ok as it is now!”

“Investing in your company is an everyday success. You’re doing well today because someone before you invested helpful resources in your activity.
Looking at the future with a sense of challenge and pursuit is our daily mission! If you are looking for a team able to give your company the right digital identity, you’re in the right place.
If you want to contact me for a suggestion, I’ll be pleased to answer you back without any obligation required!” 

CEO atena solution: Francesco Grillo


Our offices are located in Giano dell’Umbria, in the Umbria region, but we are operative in all Italy and UK. Contact us visiting the CONTACTS section and we will reply as soon as possible!
We offer 360° professional consultancy without any obligation.


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