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PrestaShop website support: what issues we solve

Here at Atena Solution we work in the online retail sector as an e-commerce web agency on PrestaShop CMS.  

This allows us to provide you with a high quality PrestaShop support service and to quickly solve every problem that might rise in your e-commerce.

We’ve been providing our clients with support and consultancy on PrestaShop websites for many years: the following are some of the major problems that clients with e-commerce asked us to solve.

Website performance and loading speed

The volume of products sold depends directly on the website loading speed. A website loading slowly is destined not to sell because users tend to close the web page even before they see the first product.

If this is your case our consultancy will aim to analyse the problem and to put into action those practices useful to enhance your e-commerce performances. Oftentimes a slowly loading website could be caused by the chosen hosting service.

If this represents your case we will help you evaluate and eventually make a website migration towards a more efficient host provider.

Modules configuration

WordPress offers numerous plug-ins to let you improve the site functionalities. That’s cool, but sometimes some incompatibility may appear between WooCommerce and some other extra module.

In this case we analyse in detail which plug-in started a conflict with WooCommerce and we solve the issue. If it’s not possible to solve the existing incompatibility we assist you by finding a different plug-in, capable of making you fully satisfied and compatible with WooCommerce.

Backup and website update

Modules and CMS also need to be periodically updated. These updates are necessary to the good functioning of your e-commerce but that has to be done with caution and always after site and database backups, if something goes wrong. 

Relying on someone competent to manage these technical practices allows you to feel safe, in safe hands and to avoid useless time and money losses.

PrestaShop website migration

Do you feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied with your website’s hosting service or with the server on which it relies? No problem, we can assist you to migrate your site under total security.

This is a very delicate phase during which the maximum attention and caredom are mandatory. When migrating a website from a server to another it is fundamental to move everything, but really everything, to the new web space. 

If something goes wrong during this step the website could be incomplete or completely compromised, with disastrous consequences for an e-commerce. 

You can avoid a drastic drop of your sale and revenue loss thanks to our prestashop server migration support service with which you will be assisted step by step during the whole process.

How much does the Prestashop website support cost?

The first thing to say is that a non-functioning or a problematic e-commerce is likely to put into its knees your online sales volume and cause revenue loss. 

You should look at our assistance service as an investment enabling you to spare time and money instead as a cost. The sooner you solve your problems, the sooner you can sell your products.

Relying on a PrestaShop expert consultant allows you to save time and money. Yes, because if your online shop stays still and you do not sell anything, you could choose between two plausible solutions:

  • the DIY that will make you lose a lot of time and doesn’t ensure that you can solve things in the best of ways,
  • rely on an expert assisting you and solving your problems for you in the shortest period of time so that you can start sell again.

PrestaShop consultancy and training

Have you ever wondered what are the costs on PresaShop to realize and maintain your ecommerce? I believe not and it’s for this reason that I strongly suggest you to, so you may realize that you could undertake a training path on prestashop and be more independent with your site management.
Our assistance service is adjustable and flexible. What does that mean? It means that you can learn with us while we are assisting you, if you desire. This solution is recommended to those PrestaShop website owners willing to implement their skills and make them more “advanced”.

SEO assistance on PrestaShop

Are you willing to increase your sales? Products sale is strictly bound to your site position on the search engines. Our PrestaShop website assistance and/or PrestaShop training could be useful to you to understand how to optimize to the best categories’ and product sheets’ copywriting and how to work on your site’s titles and descriptions. If you need a seo prestashop expert contact us for a first, cost and obligation free consultancy.

You don’t know well where or how to intervene in your Prestashop shop?

“To each one his own job”

Contact us without any obligation and together with a consultant you will evaluate the best action to make. You will be the one to choose us.

We will answer as soon as possible!