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Prestashop e-commerce web agency

Atena Solution is a Prestashop e-commerce web agency dedicated to successful online shops websites realization. Being specialized in Prestashop we are able to support our clients in every step of their path: from drafting the project to the effective realization of the e-commerce, either for what concerns the structural and SEO development and the graphic design development. Our Prestahop web agency is specialized in e-commerce development and counts on a professional and expert team, capable of optimizing the SERP positioning.

An e-commerce store is very close to a physical store! You have to compare an e-commerce store to a physical store in order to really understand its potential and needs! A shop needs to be located in a central area where it can be seen from all plausible customers and has to show a charming graphic layout capable of emphasizing your products’ main characteristics. Lastly, the products on the shop window must be high quality and have to satisfy customers’ requests. Are you ready to understand how to properly develop your successful online shop?

What’s Prestashop and how does it work?

We know all kinds of CMS and their secrets, including Prestashop, a particularly popular software for the creation of e-commerce portals. We work as a specialized Prestashop web agency and we directly work on the software installation and domain registration.

Subsequently this last step, it is possible to access the administrator panel and manage the site structure. During every single step, our SEO Prestashop agency will always be by the client side to support him and answer all his questions.

PrestaShop advantages

By contacting an e-commerce Prestashop web agency as Atena Solution, clients can enjoy a professional and reliable partner and take advantage of the numerous Prestashop features. More specifically this platform gives the following benefits:

  • complete catalogue management of your online shop, orderings and payment methods;

  • shipment and delivery methods customization;

  • statistical analysis of sales and orderings from the e-commerce;

  • template customization;

  • chance of adding extra modules according to your needs;

  • linking your e-commerce to your social network accounts;

  • SEO optimization;

  • arrange your e-commerce for international sale.

Do you want your online shop to succeed?

“to each his own job”

You will ONLY succeed together with a professional partner assisting you in the most sensitive phases!

Why choose Atena Solution?

As an e-commerce Prestashop web agency we have already launched and placed many online portals adapting them to customers’ priorities and their target-customers. We take care of graphics, development and cloud hosting in order to optimize the website and provide you with increasingly customized and personalized solutions.

Our e-commerce marketing web agency’s designers are capable of realizing attractive templates in order to catch users’ attention, improving the user experience and boosting the website appeal. Prestashop themes can easily be customized according to the website or company features. We are able to immediately solve any possible bug or problem deriving from Prestashop and we provide an always active service of platform updating.

In order to learn about the Prestashop services offered by Atena Solution and always be a step ahead of your competition, just contact us: an experienced and qualified staff is ready to solve all of our customers’ doubts.

You may have a lot of questions about what would be better to do for your company at this moment and in your case.


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