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Atena Solution works on the SEO optimization on PrestaShop so that your e-commerce will be able to bring you back positive results and sales in a short period of time.

PrestaShop is one of the best CMS for e-commerce websites realization and it is also quite easy to manage, however the “do it by yourself” approach could cause several problems and prevent you from obtaining the Return On Investment you wished for.

As an example, you could probably lose a lot of time proceeding blindfolded without a precise strategy. With the help of a PrestaShop’s SEO optimization expert you will avoid useless and long computer sessions and you will be able to focus on other relevant aspects of your business.

SEO optimization on PrestaShopb step by step

The steps to take in order to make an ecommerce attractive to search engines are a lot. Here are some of most important steps to undertake

Keyword research

Keywords and Keyphrases research being targeted with the products you want to sell is an important aspect to consider when creating the structure or siloing your website with parent categories, subcategories and products to insert in the shop.

A Prestashop SEO expert can be useful to you from different points of view. If you want to start your shop from scratch an analysis like this could help you formulate the ideal hierarchical structure. 

If, on the contrary, your site is already running you can count on the support of a professional SEO consultant to evaluate the site hierarchy validity and eventually fix the errors.

keyword research for seo optimization

On-page SEO on Prestashop

On-page SEO practices are useful for single categories and single products to be positioned on Google.

In the occurrence of an already functioning website, after an initial evaluation of how the website is indexed, we can make a review of the product sheets’ texts and categories in order to make your website increasingly SEO friendly.

Very often it happens to us to intervene on websites already well indexed and see them fly high after they’re texts have been SEO-oriented revised.

Moreover we also offer a learning service for the autonomous management of categories and product sheets. You can benefit from this because we teach you how to comprehend and work on your e-commerce by keeping in mind the importance of organic SEO factors.

Internal link building

Internal link building is one of the activities that can be better performed by professionals and only after an attentive study of the categories and keywords to be positioned.

Also in this case Atena Solution, being a SEO web agency specialized in Prestashop could support you from one side by studying and analyzing the internal link structure of your site and from the other by revising the link building and providing you with a specific training so you can manage this very important phase.

Technical SEO in Prestashop

The technical aspect of SEO is fundamental to avoid the occurrence of errors such as duplicates, 404 errors, protocol errors, site performance such as site speed.

Moreover, lots are the variables that may cause disadvantages to your site and subsequently to your revenues (choosing the wrong hosting, for example) and in these cases the intervention of a professionist is very suggested.

Us from Atena Solution became a benchmark in the Prestashop web agency sector after many years operating in this field, also for what concerns the organic positioning on Google through the several SEO techniques.

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Everyday I deal with entrepreneurs and dealers wanting to improve the Google positioning of their virtual shops, no matter what their starting point is.
Both those well indexed and those wishing to improve their positioning in the shortest time possible, but also those who have completely lost their hope look at this challenge as something almost impossible to achieve.

Reaching a tangible improvement implies a lot of commitment and professional strategy because each kind of business has its own dynamics and rules. Do not trust anybody that says everything is easy and fast to achieve.

seo consulting on ecommerce from our expert

I’m ready to listen to you and evaluate your position and the possible strategy to put into action. If I catch a glimpse of success I’m going to present to you three possible ways from which choose, on the basis of how your staff is structured:

  • SEO advocacy: is it enough for you to have a SEO strategy? Ok.

  • SEO training one-to-one: do you want to know how to be more autonomous? Of course. Everytime we work together it will be a training lesson for you.

  • complete intervention on the SEO optimization for Prestashop: do you only want to see the results in the short time? Ok, I’m in it, let’s start with an objective plan. Your objective will become accomplishments!


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