Costo Prestashop 2022: prezzi di realizzazione, gestione e tutto quello che bisogna sapere

Prestashop 2023 cost: realization price, management fees and everything you need to know about an e-commerce website

How much does Prestashop cost? How much do you have to spend on a professional e-commerce? It is not easy to give a fast answer to these questions, since expenses can vary according to different variables.

Prestashop costs are practically null. This CMS, that allows you to realize e-commerce is an open source project, so you can download it and install it for free. This, however, does not mean that building an e-commerce website with Prestashop is totally free.

You have to buy a hosting plan that provides for Prestashop very different costs depending on the selected functions. In the following paragraphs we’re going to specifically analyze the e-commerce website costs with Prestashop 2023, so you can have an estimated expenditure and choose the most appropriate plan according to your budget.


Prestashop: how much does a DIY site cost?

The cheapest solution would be, theoretically, to independently create an e-commerce site with Prestashop. This software is free, so the only cost you have to bear is to purchase a plan from a hosting service that can range from a minimum of 3-4 euros up to 20 euros per month. Prices therefore vary depending on the hardware resources provided by the server. Prestashop 2023 costs therefore depend on the need for traffic and the budget available.

Don’t think that the “do it yourself” is an easy way, on the contrary. If you are not familiar with Prestashop you may risk creating a slow and low-performing site. So you can’t talk about savings, because you will lose visits and potential customers. Remember: in order to make money you have to invest money.


Prestashop: prices for a professional e-commerce

If you address a web agency , of course, prices tend to rise, but more than expense is appropriate to talk about investment. In fact, your platform will be created by experts in your work sector, able to optimize its performance with regard to speed, ease of navigation and ease of use, all necessary features for a modern e-commerce.

What is the Prestashop 2023 cost if you address a professional web agency? Again, you cannot provide a simple answer. Depending on the services requested, prices could fluctuate between 5,000 and 10,000 euros.

Being more specific here are the main costs to be borne:

  • CMS installation and configuration: about 2,000 euros;

  • Software and extra extensions configuration: about 1,000 euros;

  • Professional graphic templates creation: about 1,000 euros.

As specified those are indicative costs, but they can give you an idea of the expense you will have to bear to create a respectable e-commerce.
Basically you have two practicable options to realize an e-commerce with prestashop that are the following:

Prestashop listino prezzi per un e-commerce professionale
  • ONE-SHOT realization cost: the site commissioned will be made by an agency or a professional appointed by prior agreement and will realize your e-commerce that will be of your property without monthly fees. After the realization you will only have to manage it, update it when needed and cope with normal hosting costs.

  • Monthly fee website realization : the site will be made by an agency or by a professional or directly on Prestashop site, being able to choose the graphic theme between those proposed and the package of attached services according to your needs. You will only have to manage it and pay a monthly fee that starts from 200€ up to 600€ (and more for special needs) according to the package of services you have chosen. The service includes updates and hosting.Β 

Now we will analyze in detail the costs and related services of both the solutions just described.

Prestashop 2023 cost: the price table

Price table for the realization of a website with Prestashop ONE-SHOT

SITE TYPEPrestashop BasicPrestashop MidPrestashop ProfessionalPrestashop Pro Plus
MAX. NUMBER OF PRODUCTSUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
MAX. CATEGORY NUMBERUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
GRAPHIC MODELStandardStandardChoice of a selectionChoice of a selection + customizations
(βœ”Preparation included)
RECOMMENDED FORBasic installation for companies with little investment capacity, first experience with e-commerce. You will have a raw site to manage, with basic functionality guaranteed but nothing beyond that. Your site will be able to make a sale but remember that it will only be your starting point.Intermediate installation with more advanced features for companies that want to sell online with a well-made site without too many precautions. A minimalist semi-professional e-commerce that will do its job.Professional installation with all the functions of an advanced level e-commerce for companies that know what it means to do e-commerce and know what they want. Here you will have a bomb online store that will give you satisfaction beyond what you imagine!The best in combination with Danea Easyfatt or other professional management software. Professional installation with all the functions of an advanced level e-commerce as in the Professional version with the addition of the personalized connection to your DANEA warehouse management system and other professional management software. An automated money-making war machine in perfect sync with your warehouse management system.
PRICEabout € 1.500,00about € 2.500,00about € 4.000,00about € 7.500,00

Is it convenient to create a prestashop e-commerce with initial ONE-SHOT cost?

  • Primary advantage is that once you have realized the e-commerce you will be the only owner and you will have the possibility to wholly manage it.

  • Free access to everything related to your site such as servers, site files and site databases.

  • No constraint with anyone and possibility of migration to any new handler you want to move to.
  • Possibility of customization at 360Β°; You can decide to install any plug-in, make changes on the graphic template or on the code in order to get what you want.
  • Initial cost to be borne

Price table for the realization of a website with Prestashop at monthly fee

SITE TYPEPrestashop SmallPrestashop MediaPrestashop ProfessionalPrestashop Pro Plus
MAX NUMBER OF VISITORS DAILY15.00037.50075.000150.000 e oltre
by mail
24h 7 out of 7
by mail
24h 7 out of 7
by mail
24h 7 out of 7
priority assistance
3 Step
3 Step
3 Step
MONTHLY PRICE€ 200,00 per month€ 300,00 per month€ 600,00 per monthPrezzo mensile su richiesta

Should I create a prestashop e-commerce with monthly cost?

  • Primary advantage is that you do not need an initial amount of money to cope with the realization costs. With this option you pay only a fixed monthly fee according to the chosen package.Β 

  • No thought of updating or miscellaneous errors resulting from updates performed independently and/or wrong configurations.
    • Very expensive monthly fee even in the small package.

    • Impossibility of customization. Being a site in use and managed by Prestashop it will be impossible to make some particular customizations that our shop will need over time.Β 

    Prestashop Cost 2023: how to find the best solution at the best price?

    As we told you at the beginning of the article it would be incorrect to make statements about the best solution without knowing the variables involved.

    Thanks to our experience in the realization of ecommerce we are able to help you in the evaluation of the best strategy to put into practice to start your ecommerce with Prestashop.

    A consultation allows you both to fully understand your needs and to help you choose the best solution for the realization of your prestashop ecommerce, at the lowest cost.

    If you want to receive a consultation, more information or know the exact cost for the realization of your e-commerce 2023 with Prestahop all you have to do is fill in the contact form below with your data. You will receive a date for consultation in a short time or a clear and transparent quote, without additional expenses, to immediately realize your e-commerce and start your business!


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