creation of websites for professionals

Atena Solution works on the realization of websites for professionals and consultants.

The vast majority of people use the internet, a search engine and a smartphone when looking for professionals like you and for your services.

If you do not have a website, how could you give visibility to your professional profile? We realize websites that are accessible from all kinds of mobile devices , with optimized content, in order to be well ranked on Google.

Why you should have a professional website

A website could help you produce more contacts and clients, , mostly if it’s well-kept from a SEO point of view.

Moreover if you have a website you can help users to better understand what you do and how; this brings you closer to your audience and grants you greater prestige as a company or a professional freelancer.

First of all, as I’ve already told you in the first paragraph, it is impossible without a website to position yourself on Google for the keywords or key phrases relative to your sector and that people search online. 

Each time a user searches some phrase such as “lawyer London”, “divorce attorney Manchester”, “wedding planner Birmingham” could find you, if you have an indexed website in Google.

If you are not on the internet yet, if you do not have a professional website giving you online visibility, you are actually losing dozens of possibilities of being contacted every day.

What kind of professional freelancers need a website?

website for lawyers

Website for lawyers

Are you a lawyer? You do need a website and I’m going to explain to you why by bringing to you a concrete example. Just imagine living in London or in some other city: someone needs a lawyer and writes on the Google search banner “lawyer London”. Somebody surely does use these exact words, but exactly how many people are surfing the internet using this keyword? We use precise and sophisticated means in order to investigate values like this and know about the research volumes. If we’d like to go further with one more example: lots of people look for professionists sorting them by work area, for example “consensual separation lawyer”. How could somebody ask you for such a specific service when you don’t have a website?


website for architects

Website for architects

Architecture is a very fascinating field and naturally suits the web. People love to look at photographic galleries and videos of your portfolio.

website for surveyors

Website for surveyors

Put online your skills as a surveyor by launching your personal website. We realize your website, finished with all the tools and features useful to surveyors and to their job.

website for accountants

Website for accountants

If you are an accountant, a website may allow you to generate new clients and to provide them with a lot of useful contents about fiscus, regulations and news and by so, positioning yourself in their minds as the undisputed expert in your field.

website for physician

Website for physicians

Make visible to the web your expertise as a physician with a website. People may find and contact you by typing key phrases as “cardiologist Liverpool” or “Evolutive age psychologist York”.
Many professionists as dentists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, sports masseurs etc can take advantage of a website in order to generate new contacts and clients. 

website for real estate consultant

Website for real estate agents

Are you a broker or a real estate agent? Find out in which way a website and a professional blog could help you enhance your reputation, affirm your online authority and produce more property sales.

website for wedding planner

Website for wedding planners

Launch your specific website for wedding planner together with us! The greater part of those looking for your service loves to look at pictures and videos directly online. Reach your target and produce new contacts through your website.

website for professional photographers

Website for photographers

Are you a photographer or a video maker? Having an online presence can make the difference on your revenues. Show your professionality and your expertise in a website where you can upload your pictures and videos.

First of all, would you like to see a preview of your website?

“A non binding graphic design”

If you are curious to know how your website could be, contact us for a preview demo!
We will provide you, without no obligation towards us, with a customized graphics design of how your site could be! Cool, right?

Are you asking yourself how we realize professional websites?

We work by using a set of methods that has excellence as the final result, not just any result. Excellence is the destination towards which we strive in every web project we start. Here what we do:

Preliminary meeting

During a first interview we gather all the information necessary to know profoundly about your company, your aspirations, the project you would like to develop, your target audience and your competitors.

Architecture and planning

Once we have gathered all the information we start working on the strategic elaboration of the practices to be developed, based on a hierarchical order method. We analyze your sector and your competitors and then we realize the website design architecture basing it on a study of the keywords to position. These are the steps we take before the actual, concrete realization of the website. The projectual phase is essential to the good outcome of the following phases.

Design and graphic style

We present to you two graphic projects in line with your logo and coordinated image if you already have one. The website can be fully customizable and meet your preferences. During the first interview we gather all the information necessary to know deeply about your company, your aspirations, the project you would like to develop, your target audience and your competitors.

Website realization

At this point we are going to actually realize your website. The solutions we offer are the results of CMS usage and we think WordPress is the best platform for a web project destined to represent a professional profile like yours. All our websites are fast and efficient, they are also perfectly responsive, that is they adapt their size to all mobile devices’ screens.

Before going online

We present your project to you, still in a demo version after it has been tested to see everything works and everything is good, especially from a technical point of view. Once you have approved it we launch your site on the internet.

Quotation of professional website for professionists

Have you ever thought of a quotation for the realization of your website? Maybe you did some research using the sentence: low cost website or how much does a website cost??

A website cost may vary a lot depending on what you are willing to achieve. If you spend too little, less is what you are going to obtain. With a very little investment you may obtain at the most a brochure website, or so. Instead, you will have to spend what it takes if you want to achieve the results you wish and so being visible online and increase contacts and quotation requests.

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