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E-commerce Advisor

Are you looking for an e-commerce advisor? You’re in the right place.

At Atena Solution web agency, a e-commerce expert advisor works on the optimization of online businesses. We develop websites for the online sale and we’re proud of our professionalism which came from a lot of forefront experiences, in the striving industry of electronic trade.
We ONLY develop successful websites and we do not start any project that clearly will not be remunerative for our customers and, consequently, for us.

Strategic E-commerce consultancy

If you find yourself reading this page you’re probably living one of these two cases:

  • you do not have an e-commerce and you are thinking about selling your products online;
  • you already have an e-commerce but you feel you need a consultancy maybe because you’re not completely satisfied with its performance.

Let’s assume that right now I would never let you know my thoughts about your situation with the e-commerce, but I can’t avoid myself speaking…

Let me clarify:

“… I think you’re a fool!
Yes, you got that right, a FOOL!

Whether you still don’t have an e-commerce for your activity or while having one, you are not making profit, just know I think you are an unconscious fool towards your business! 

You’re 15 years late, still being optimists!

You find yourself in a terrible delay if you compare to competition and if you want to catch up you will have to invest more energy than your competitors already did!
Have you ever poked around your competitors’ websites? You may have already noticed their websites and their best results, found out how much they can ship and now you have the ambition to succeed as well.

…since we need to catch up let’s keep talking about consultancy”

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rule 1 ecommerce consultant
You are finally in the right place!

If you have encountered unreliable people during your path, just know you are in the right place now!
Having a professional and qualified partner by your side is mandatory for a successful and long-lasting collaboration.

rule 2 ecommerce consultant
It will be difficult, not impossible

How I well highlightened you are late and it won’t be easy.
It is also true that with commitment and method nothing is impossible. 
Believe and commit yourself 100%.

rule 3 ecommerce consultant
From now on, stop with the BS!

Clear your mind from everyone that has told you everything is simple… that is just BS! 
In order to become “somebody” it’s necessary to sweat and “easy” is an unknown word. If you’re with me you have to think alike!

If you don’t agree with my 3 rules


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What can I do for you as an E-commerce expert advisor

if you do not have an e-commerce already

The first thing I can do for you is help you understand if your business and your products are suitable to be sold through an electronic shop, because not all products are. By that I can guarantee my honesty, even if it could be financially detrimental to me.

You know, it is easy for a layman running into consultants that pick up a fare only to make some money by setting up non-profitable e-commerce, penalizing your finances. 

Here at my Prestashop agency and WooCommerce agency we do not work that way. Me and my staff prefer not to develop any e-commerce, instead of developing a non-profitable one. Why do we work this way? Because we only want 100% satisfied customers, period.

Ascertained that first fact, an e-commerce worth of this name must sell and to do so there must be a prior and well designed strategy, even before the e-commerce is physically developed.

The starting point when I do e-commerce consultancies is always the strategy and once that is defined, other aspects need to be taken in consideration, according to my customer’s budget. Hence I evaluate which platform could host your e-commerce the best. 

A lot of people ask themselves the question “PrestaShop vs WooCommerce”, which one’s the best? An ecommerce consultancy may clarify your doubts that you probably had from reading the vast number of articles on the internet about this topic.

I work with either Prestashop and WooCommerce and I can help you choose the most effective CMS for your business according to your budget, to your field of work and to the quantity of products you would like to upload.

If you already have an e-commerce

Your online shop is already running but does not satisfy you? In your case I could do 2 different things for you.

  1. I could offer to you my consultancy by which we, together, are going to analyze the reasons behind your dissatisfaction. Maybe you are not selling enough? We will analyze, along with you, your strategy in order to identify deficiencies or mistakes to be fixed.

    We will also examine your e-commerce performance from a technical point of view, a fundamental aspect for your project to succeed. Moreover it is very important to examine the marketing strategy geared around your online shop. I often see examples of e-commerce well designed but without any SEO (Search Engine Optimization practices) and lacking the most basic elements.

    After my customized consultancy for your e-commerce by following my suggestions you will be able to move forward.

  2. E-commerce management: besides my consultancy, if you would like to, I could personally take charge of your e-commerce for a complete setup and let it run at full capacity. Moreover we will work on Google Shopping using the right marketing strategies.

    My primary objective is to help you sell your products. If you sell your products we both are satisfied and we’re both able to make an economic benefit from your sale.
    The e-commerce websites consultant is not just the one concretely developing the online shop, but also the one elaborating a strategy that can lead an e-commerce to make the difference among its competitors. 

E-commerce consultancy: why is it necessary

A consultancy from an e-commerce expert will help you focus on some, but fundamental aspects of your project that will affect its positive outcome, here are some:

  • budget
  • strategy
  • sponsorship

Budget is one of the most important factors when developing an online shop. It’s important to well determine the Prestashop e-commerce realization and maintenance costs before venturing in the online retail activity. 
Often the only costs considered are those from the actual realization of the site structure and those being more neglected, but as important, refer to the strategy drafting and the sponsorship of the shop.

Being careless or inaccurate during this phase could afflict the whole project and lead to poor and disappointing results. One more aspect we help you define during e-commerce development is the shipment of your products. Choosing the right partner is fundamental and only with the support of our consultancy you can better understand which one would be the best shipment courier for e-commerce in your specific case.

Free e-commerce consultancy?

I’m in it for real and I’m ready to show you my results!


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