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Best courier for ecommerce: full guide

What is the best courier for ecommerce? This is a very important question if you are going to open an ecommerce store.

The choice of which courier to entrust the shipment is terribly important to ensure a good sales experience for the final customer and it also impacts on your brand reputation.

A reliable, efficient and fast courier can affect the reputation of your ecommerce store. The purpose of this article is not to praise some couriers for ecommerce shipments and to discredit others because they all do a great job. Our review just wants to help you establish, based on your sales needs and your business, the courier that best suits your case.

The best ecommerce courier for YOU

As already mentioned, if you deal with online sales, you must necessarily turn to someone who will deliver the goods purchased by your customers and do that in a reliable, fast and secure way.

These three features are crucial because the customer identifies the courier for shipments as if it were the end point of your ecommerce and therefore the choice of courier is crucial to ensure the customer the best possible experience. In fact, if the products ordered arrive damaged or after a long time, the customer will feel that they haven’t had an optimal experience with your brand instead of feeling alike with the courier.

When choosing an ecommerce courier, you should aim for someone with whom you can establish a lasting collaboration that can positively influence the user experience. 

Well, now before choosing the best courier for ecommerce we now review various providers of this service.

Best courier for ecommerce in the UK

Now we will present you our guide to fast delivery couriers for shipments with a review of the main brands in the industry.

DHL: fast and with many customizations

DHL is a very well known express courier not only in the UK but also worldwide and it could be a nice choice if your ecommerce sells products in Europe or other continents. Thanks to its structure it is able to cover in a capillary way the majority of national and international territories delivering the goods directly at home or in the Service Points.

corriere DHL

If you are looking for a cheap ecommerce courier note that DHL offers the Economy Select service that allows you to ship at low cost single packages, multi-packages and pallets in all European countries as long as they do not exceed 66 pounds in weight. 

To improve the quality of the service, DHL offers the possibility to add some interesting options to it.

Looking for a fast express courier for your ecommerce? Fast delivery is one of the strengths of the DHL Same Day Sprintline service which covers all of European Countries.

If you sell all over the world, a good solution could be represented by the Express WorldWide service active in 220 countries.

The DHL courier has also developed a specific service (DHL Express for Fashion) for those who sell products in the fashion and luxury goods sector. If you have an ecommerce that offers this type of product could be a winning strategic choice.

As previously said many times, fast delivery is one of those things you should be aiming for to satisfy your customers and DHL offers very fast services. Here is an example:

Same Day: it is a fast shipping service thanks to the air connections used to send packages all over the world.

DHL pros and cons

Pros: DHL is a great choice for quality of service and differentiation of services. As we have seen, it covers all Europe and most Countries in the world. Excellent speed of goods delivery.

Cons: Cons: service costs are higher than other competitors, however, you should always consider the quality/price ratio. If you are looking for a fast, well-set and reliable ecommerce courier, you might also be willing to spend a little more to ensure your customers the best possible shipping.

In any case, before establishing that it is the best courier for ecommerce, always contact those who have worked in the field of online sales for many years and have experienced the various options. Atena Solution in this regard offers completely free advice during which you can ask us all the questions you want.

TNT: will it be the best courier for ecommerce?

It is not our duty to determine it because as we have already explained the choice is subjective and must be taken according to your needs. By continuing the reading of our article, however, you will understand whether TNT courier is right for you. Let’s see what services it offers.

Let’s begin from the concept that TNT also is a courier for shipments suitable for ecommerce that sell both in the UK and in other countries of the world.

Among the various solutions proposed there is the Express Services that have o the one hand the advantage of a low cost and on the other a fairly fast delivery in Europe .

What if you sell outside of Europe? In this case you can use the International Express Services. This service allows you to ship packages and goods up to 1100 lbs in more than 40 countries. It’s the ideal for all those ecommerces that sell heavy and large products.

If you want a solution that allows you to customize the delivery speed, you can exploit the Air Freigh service. This service is suitable for those who need to make a voluminous international shipment but are not in a great hurry or urgency and therefore they can shape fares according to the country of destination and the volume of the package, in short, a solution cut and sewn to measure.

Finally, if you want to send bulky parcels only by road, the Road Freight solution is the one that could be best suited to you.

Is it convenient for ecommerce owners to exploit TNT services? it depends.

Pros: fairly fast deliveries (1-4 working days). One more advantage is that you can choose the time and day on which to deliver the goods and this greatly improves the experience with the final customer.

Cons: fast delivery is subject to the cost you are willing to bear. Prices for fast deliveries are not cheap. If instead you are willing to give up fast delivery services, then TNT services become much cheaper and this could be a suitable option for ecommerces who need to keep an eye on their expenses for various reasons.

UPS: not cheap but qualitatively superior

One of the most expensive express couriers is definitely UPS but the services offered have a really high standard and that is probably why it is considered one of the best couriers for ecommerce.

When evaluating the quality of a company specialized in shipments one must necessarily take into account the safety aspect and UPS is one of the best in this respect. The American company is active worldwide and is one of the most structured.

The Standard basic service has a cheaper cost, in line with the range of services offered. Obviously the delivery times are longer since the goods are transported by truck and not by plane.

For a faster delivery, UPS offers the Worldwide Express that guarantees the delivery of goods in 1 maximum 3 working days with 3 free delivery attempts.


The cost of UPS services are higher but could be a strongly recommended courier to those who sell valuable goods online. With UPS you can sleep peacefully thanks to optional services to ensure maximum safety to the goods transported. This could be one of the best express couriers if you sell luxury goods online.

Bartolini: economia senza rinunciare all’affidabilità

BRT è il corriere espresso per ecommerce made in Italy e si contraddistingue dai suoi competitors nazionali per il notevole numero di spedizioni effettuate. Grazie alla sua partnership con DPD Group e Euro Express riesce trasportare e consegnare merci in tutta Europa.

Tempi di consegna: 48 euro con DPD Group e 2 o più giorni con Euro Express. Il tempo di consegna dipende anche dalla zona di destinazione.

Bartolini potrebbe essere il corriere adatto al tuo ecommerce se ti piace contrattare il prezzo. Le tariffe sono generalmente economiche e puoi riuscire anche ad abbassarle se hai una buona capacità di contrattazione. Forse il fatto che è un brand italiano ti da la garanzia che sia il miglior corriere per ecommerce? Ti consigliamo di richiederci un parere in merito.

bartolini corriere per ecommerce

SDA è il corriere che punta sulla rapidità

Un nome una garanzia e infatti SDA appartiene al gruppo delle poste italiane e ha fatto della rapidità di consegna il suo cavallo di battaglia.

Le tariffe del servizio sono molto economiche rispetto agli altri corrieri menzionati in questo articolo e i servizi sono attivi su tutto il territorio nazionale ed europeo.

Con il servizio RoadEurope ad esempio puoi spedire in tutta Europa multicolli fino a 70 chili e 4 bancali per spedizione. Incluso nel prezzo hai anche il servizio di giacenza gratuita per 10 giorni con 2 tentativi di consegna gratuita.

sda corriere espresso

Diciamo che l’unico neo è che il servizio di SDA non ti permette personalizzazioni in base alle tue esigenze. Le consegne avvengono, generalmente, in 2, massimo 4, giorni lavorativi.

SDA è un brand usato da molti negozi elettronici, chissà se potrebbe essere il corriere per spedizioni  migliore anche per te? Chiedi il parere ad un nostro consulente.

GLS focuses on accessibility

GLS, or General Logistics Systems, is a logistics company based in the Netherlands and operating directly or through partners in almost all of Europe, including the UK.

Its strength is definitely its accessibility since its fares are quite cheap compared to the competition and its services suitable for any type of ecommerce. 

The services offered by GLS on European territory are two, both truck-delivered: GLS Parcel, for deliveries with a weight limit fixed at 110 lbs per package, and Logistics Service, without any limitation as for package size and weight.

gls corriere espresso

The GLS Express service is an international service that allows the shipment in 24 maximum 48 hours to Europe or United States and in maximum 4 days to other continents. The service is carried out by air and includes home delivery. You are not sure that it may be the best courier for your ecommerce? Contact us, we will help you evaluate it.

FedEx: ideal for international shipping

FedEx is a leader in the international shipping field thanks to its speed, reliability and range of services that can be customized on the basis of customer’s needs. 

Just think that with the Europe first service, goods are delivered throughout Europe the day after its collection. Its price is not really cheap but such a delivery speed has its costs. 

Also, the International Economy service offers you the opportunity to ship around the world at a price perhaps more affordable and still ensuring a good delivery speed.

FedEx also allows customers to customize delivery times. In essence, it makes its strengths speed and the excellent quality of service, but at prices higher than average. 

fedex corriere espresso

Best courier for ecommerce, which to choose?

As we told you at the beginning of the article it would be incorrect to make dogmatic statements on this subject.

What we can say with certainty is that our experience in the realization of ecommerce could help you make the choice, after having talked to one of our consultants.

A consultation allows both of us to fully understand your needs and to also help you choose the most suitable express courier for your needs.

If you need further information in choosing the best courier for your ecommerce do not hesitate and contact us by visiting the dedicated contacts section Clicking here

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