Social network management for businesses

Do you have a company and no time to devote to the regular management of your social media channels? Atena Solution has the right solution for every type of business.

The grass is always greener on the other side! 

Have you ever felt this way watching the social pages of your competitors and had the feeling that they are more successful than yours?

Just as a lawn or a garden needs regular maintenance in order to flourish, the social network management of a company also needs to be treated regularly, following precise methodologies so to be able to return the results you hoped for when you decided that your company should have been present on the web and social media channels.

Why social management for companies is important

A few years ago social networks were mostly a virtual space for making new friends, but just because they are now crowded by so many people, they have also become a very powerful tool for companies.

It is not a matter of fashion, for a company being present on social networks is one of the best ways to find its target audience.

Here is a list of the benefits you can get with professional management of your social media channels.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness shows how much people know about your brand. Thanks to our social management system designed specifically for companies, we can increase your target audience’s awareness.  

We use various tools to increase the visibility of your brand and attract potential customers interested in your products and services through advertisements with Facebook Ads.

Social Advertising

Have you ever wondered if you should do a flyer campaign in your city or an advertising campaign on Facebook?

I suggest you think about this: how many flyers will actually end up in the hands of people really interested in your service? Very often traditional advertising ends up in the hands of everyone, but how many of these are the ones that really need your service or product? Very few. So what you spend on a traditional advertising campaign is largely wasted.

What is the advantage of a social advertising campaign like Facebook Ads?

The greatest benefit is that they allow you to maximize your budget with a better economic return, thanks to the targeting. 

With our techniques we are able to show advertisements exclusively to people interested in certain products and services by excluding all the others. Want more details about our methodologies? Contact us.

They bring traffic to your website

Nowadays, all social networks also interact with the website. Our social network management method for companies also includes specific planning of posts to convoy users of your social page to the website.

Higher conversion rate

It is important to a company to generate quality contacts and also profiles with a certain precision. With the strategic advice of a specialized agency like ours you will be able to get the best customers towards your business.

Customers are more satisfied

Social media allows you to communicate immediately and directly with your customers and thus to gain a better connection between your brand and your potential customers. Giving your customers a social platform on which they can express their approval rating or problems they are experiencing will allow you to do at least two things:

  • understanding and monitoring their needs;
  • help them solve any problems;
  • improve and implement customer care;
  • respond immediately and quickly with the messaging feature associated with your social media page.
Increase brand trust

The best thing you can achieve with our agency specialized in social media management for companies is your customers’ trust.

What we will do for you is not bring millions of likes, fans or followers, but get you what your company really needs: an audience really interested in your services, products and consulting service.

Only if you professionally take care of your social network channels you can keep the trust of those who already follow you and win the trust of potential new customers.

Why choose Atena Solution for social media management for companies

The advantage you’ll get from relying on our agency is that you won’t have to think about anything.

We will study with you and for you the best strategy by customizing it according to your industry and your company.

Please consider that we work and live in Umbria and we know well the business realities of our territory, this is a significant advantage in the phase of study and creation of the social strategy to be implemented.

Atena Solution has a team of professionals dedicated exclusively to social media management activities.

Thanks to our team, made of a Social Strategist, a Photographer and a Publisher you will not have to take care of anything, except your business.

Ours is not a craft service in the style of “cousin” or “friend”.

Ours is a high quality and high performance service with secure economic returns and we will document them with regular and detailed reports.

strategy graphic

Lo strategist analizza il tuo settore, la stagionalità e le tue esigenze sulla base delle quali preparerà un piano marketing di successo. Pianificherà anche le campagne di social advertising con le Facebook Ads.

photographer and videomaker graphic

Depending on the package you choose, a professional photographer will elaborate the photo book for your social channels. You can also use these photos for other purposes useful to your business.

graphic of a publisher

The publisher is the one who will plan the posts to be published on your social channels. His job is to create persuasive, original, engaging texts and create graphics adapted to your industry.

Our service is suitable for all types of companies

We have listed only some of the main product sectors. Contact us even if you do not see your field of work in the list.

  • Social media management for farms
  • Social media management for engineering companies
  • Social media management for logistics companies

  • Social media management for automotives companies and dealers

  • Social media management for construction companies
  • Social media management for food production companies
  • Social media management for packaging companies
  • Social media management for sanitary equipment companies
Professional social media management ensures constant commitment and monitoring and above all cost optimization for guaranteed results.

Professional social media management prices and quotation

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  • Kirklees
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