Social network management for restaurants

Atena Solution professionally works on the presence of restaurants on the main social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Ours is a highly qualified service, we offer to you something much more performing compared to what a social media manager could do all by himself.

What we are able to offer to you is a whole team dedicated to you and made of specialized figures in the social media marketing field, that will lead you towards the achievement of important results in terms of economic and image return.

We suggest you to think a few seconds about the following questions: 

  • How much time do you spend each day managing your restaurant’s social networks?

  • Have you ever been able to understand how much of the time spent has produced a result in terms of economic income?
  • Could you define in terms of money how much ROI you got from your social networks?

We have the turnkey solution that will allow you to take care only of the management of your restaurant, without wasting time and being free from stress.

Social Network management for high-performance restaurants

If your answer to these questions is a “no” or a “I don’t know” we can tell you with some certainty that you are not getting the results that your restaurant deserves from social media.

You will find many social media managers and agencies that will tell you that in order to get results you have to open a Facebook page and an Instagram page, even a kid today can create a social channel and a cute graphic, ok?

So what does it REALLY take for your restaurant to achieve great results through its social channels? By great results I don’t mean likes on Facebook or hearts on Instagram, because that is NOT what brings you earnings at the end of the day and the end of the month.

social network management for restaurants table reservations

What you need are RESERVATIONS and people coming to eat at your restaurant making positive word of mouth towards your activity. What you need is a specific social media marketing strategy for restaurants.

If you believe that you can offer value to your potential customers or to those already acquired by retaining them, Atena Solution is the best answer to your needs, thanks to a team of professionals specialized in marketing for restaurants.

Social media strategy for restaurants

The starting point or foundation of social networking activities for restaurants is strategy

To understand the need for a strategy also for what concerns the use of social networks, we want to give you an example starting from your own sector, catering.

We do not believe that a good restaurant has a coordinator who gets up in the morning and decides from day to day and at the last minute, what to propose to customers who will have lunch in his restaurant.

Each activity is based on precise planning and organization. You probably have daily and weekly menus planned in advance.

Of course, there are also a la carte menus to cook live for customers who want something in particular, but if there is no planning, it would be difficult to better manage your customers’ needs, right?

So you have a strategy for the management of your restaurant starting from supplies, to the menu, managing the cooks, waiters and so on. Nothing is left to chance, but planned in advance. 

social network management for restaurants

To get a concrete result from social media it takes medium/long term strategy and planning

This is the role of the social media strategist and he/she can not be an inexperienced social media manager; if not improvised. Those dealing with social management for restaurants must also have at least basic knowledge of the catering industry. 

An important thing, when it comes to social media, is also the image that your restaurant shows off. If your restaurant is top-rated, luxurious or otherwise good, he image you show on social networks must be consistent with the one of the restaurant.

To give an even more concrete example: if a diner or a trattoria shows on its social media images that convey the feeling of a luxurious venue, don’t you think it could attract a target of customers not aligned with the standard of the restaurant

If on the basis of those images and sensations the potential customer goes eating in that room and while entering finds himself inside an inn, tavern, trattoria could almost feel “betrayed” in his/her confidence and in his/her expectations.

The same goes for a high level or luxury restaurant hat does not transmit and communicate the right way with the right type of photos, videos and advertising communication to its target audience. 

It could attract a target of people who find themselves in a restaurant that does not match their refined, elegant, high-spending style and would feel uncomfortable, betrayed in their expectations.

Social network management for restaurants should therefore be entrusted to communication and marketing experts that are able to analyze the sector, the target users, competitors and design a dedicated strategy for your restaurant.

Social Network management for restaurants: operational phases

From the strategy it will be necessary to pass to the operational phases. The social media strategist will then draw up a medium/long term editorial plan and provide the publisher (the one who physically manages Facebook page or Instagram) with the guidelines to implement the strategy. How does this work?

  • First stage

    professional photos and videos

    To a restaurant, especially those starred or otherwise good it is essential to have a photographer able to make professional photos at high resolution and that have a memorable visual and emotional impact

    The creation of emotional videos related to flavors, scents and dishes is also part of the content marketing strategy.

    Content marketing is in fact a set of strategies, of which Social media are only a slice of the cake. 

    The interesting fact is that these photos and videos once made, can also be used for other useful channels within a broader marketing strategy, not only social. 

    You can use photos and videos on the website, YouTube channel and so on. On the other hand, social channels, YouTube and websites live in symbiosis and interact with each other to bring you the best result and visibility.

  • Second stage

    creation and revision of the page

    Based on the guidelines provided during the strategy stage, the publisher is provided with instructions for the realization of the page or the revision thereof.

    Cover and profile image should be consistent with the coordinated image of the restaurant. The user who visits the page must immediately recognize the brand and identify himself with the mission and vision of the restaurant.

  • Third stage

    post creation

    According to the editorial plan provided by the strategist, the publisher (the one who physically manages the social page), will create the posts with suitable graphics, videos or photos taken during the shooting phase.

    The publisher also has persuasive copywriting skills that can excite and tempt the reader to take certain actions such as calling the restaurant for a booking or inviting them to fill out the newsletter form.

    Then its task will be creating engaging posts that can generate interactions. He will also interact with those who follow the social network pages when for example something is planned, so to create contests or special events in the restaurant.

  • Fourth phase

    Posts scheduling

    In order to not leave things to chance also on social networks, it is a good idea to schedule posts in advance. During the analysis and study of the strategy the best times and days are identified according to sector and target

    The publisher is therefore responsible for following the editorial calendar in a programmed way, planning everything in advance.

Social advertising for restaurants

We design customized advertising campaigns on social media for restaurants

Last but not least, comes the realization of advertising campaigns on social networks (for example Facebook Ads). Here, too, strategy and preliminary study are essential.

As an example: a luxury restaurant has no interest in spending the budget of the advertising campaign targeting it indiscriminately. 

Targeting the public is a must and thanks to a consolidated experience in the catering industry, the social advertiser is able to profile exactly the type of customer suitable for your restaurant

In this way the advertisement on Facebook and Instagram will be shown exclusively to the type of customer you expect to receive in your restaurant. This will allow you to optimize the costs of the social advertising campaigns so as to target the message only to those who are really interested in the type of restaurant you manage.

Why choose our team of social media marketing professionals

We have 2 good news and a bad news for you

Let’s start with the good ones
  • The first good news is that ours is an all inclusive team and therefore you will have at your disposal a single solution: a social media strategist that will study and create the best strategy tailored to your restaurant.

  • The second good news is that you can measure results with advanced statistical tools and reports.

Now to the bad one
  • The bad news (apparently only) is that our service is not low cost, but on the other hand neither is yours, for the right reasons.

    We are not comparable to a “discount” style web agency.

Cooking your recipes with first quality food and raw materials has its cost and that is an added value for those who appreciate excellence.

Our service is not low cost, but it has a huge advantage for you as a restaurant owner that needs to optimize time and money. 

With our team, that includes all the professional figures you need, you will not waste time trying to find a photographer, a videomaker and a web page manager.

Costs optimization because if I had to pay the professionals singularly maybe at the end of the day it could still cost you a lot more money but with a lower economic return and a lower image return.

A team that interacts together guarantees you the best result in the shortest time. Effectiveness and efficiency simultaneously.
strategy graphic

We can call him the coordinator and creator of the strategy.Will analyze your business, your competitors and other variables associated with your business.

Following this analysis, he will design and develop the marketing plan, creating an editorial plan in the short, medium and long term. He will coordinate the activities of the photographer and publisher. He will also structure advertising campaigns on social networks.

photographer and videomaker graphic

Within our team there is a professional photographer with everything you need o create a book of professional photographs for your social media channels.

High definition photos can excite and attract your audience.

Obviously the photos will be your property and you can use them for any other purpose.

graphic of a publisher

The publisher will take care of everything related to the physical management of the page; therefore: creation of graphics, programming of the editorial plan and posts, drafting of content taking into account the target audience. Being persuasive is very important when communicating on social media but you must always take into account the target audience, using the “tone of voice” suitable for each type of user.

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