Social network management for shops

Do you own a shop? Do you still advertise with traditional methods (leaflets, billboards)?

We have a better method that will allow you to optimize the costs of your investment in advertising and especially with a higher economic return than print advertising.

Our social network management service for commercial activities is aimed at all types of commercial activities and sectors.

  • Clothing

  • Shoes

  • Bags

  • Grocery

  • Pet shop

  • Electronic shops

  • Telephony

  • Sports equipment

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What is the social management for shops?

Atena Solution offers you an all-inclusive solution by which we take care at 360 degrees of your social channels management. 

Why relying on an outsider agency? Perhaps you are asking yourself this question especially if you personally take care of your Facebook or Instagram page.

We also have a question for you:

  • Are you satisfied with the results you get with your management?

  • Can you properly use the business manager?

  • Can you create a paid-for campaign on Facebook by maximizing your budget, and, at the same time get an interesting economic return?

  • Can you manage your social media with a precise, programmed and automated method?

social media management for shops

Well now we will explain to you our specially designed method for business activities. In our web agency we have dedicated a whole sector to professional social media marketing with a team of professionals of the field.

Together with our team we have designed all-inclusive packages that will enable you to have at your disposal all our full team.

The four steps of the social network management for shops

Even a business, regardless of the sector it deals with, needs a professional method to manage communication on social networks.

Even if your name isn’t Nike or you don’t carry the name of a famous brand, it’s important to make your brand known locally and it’s equally important that social communication is consistent with the business you represent.

So here are the three professional steps that will lead your brand to success and that only a team of experts can provide.

First phase: the study of a strategy

Every successful business is based on a strategy and precise planning. Also on social media channels it is essential to rely on a social media strategist that studies your industry, your competitors and your target users.

Once these preliminary analyses have been carried out, we proceed with the design and creation of an effective communication strategy. Every sector is different and there is no unique way to communicate on social channels, you just have to diversify according to the type of products you propose and the type of audience interested in them.

In our strategy study phase, we also analyze and design ad hoc advertising campaigns. 

Maybe you wonder what is the advantage of a Facebook Ads campaign compared to the classic flyer or billboard?

The biggest benefit of a Facebook Ads campaign compared to traditional means lies in the lower cost before a greater economic return.

Basically, if you spend, hypothetically, 500 euros for the distribution of leaflets you have to ask yourself: how many of these will arrive in the hands of the recipients? Especially how many of these will only reach those who are really interested in your product? Few.

Many of these end up in the trash and the few that arrive often end up in the hands of a useless recipient for you because it does not fit into your target.

Let’s make an example: you have a shop of only youth clothing, how many flyers will come exclusively to a target of young lovers of the style proposed in your store?

social network management for commercial activities

Thanks to social media, instead, the advertising budget is optimized because we proceed to the creation phase only after a target study, to a specific target. What does that mean? It means that when we plan the campaign we profile the ad so that it is NOT visible to everyone but ONLY to those potentially interested in that type of product. 

Moreover, during the targeting phase we also define very precisely the areas (cities or even neighborhoods and streets) to geolocate the advertising. This means that only Facebook users located in that area and interested in those products will display sponsorship excluding all others. 

Do you understand the added value of this method? The economic return is huge compared to advertising expenses. You will spend much less than a flyer campaign but with an increase in sales definitely bigger. All of this, however, requires competence, experience and professionalism. 

Entrusting the management of the page to the internal employee or to the “cousin” on duty is not a wise choice. Of course you could “save” but only apparently, you would not get important results that instead you could achieve consistently.

The social media strategist will also deal with the realization of a medium/long term editorial plan for the weekly publication of posts.

Second phase: photographs and videos

Once the strategy has been defined, we move on to the operational phases. We believe that professional and high-resolution images and videos are necessary to create a strong visual and emotional impact. 

Pairing your posts with an ad hoc image or video helps strengthen your image perception and convey the right emotions to your fans. 

Our photographer will plan a photo shoot in which he will take photos and make videos. Once this phase is completed, we will have all the material needed to move on to the third phase.

Third stage: publishing

At this point we are ready for the actual operational phase. Inside our team we have a publisher who will take care of making all the posts planned by the strategist in the editorial plan.

It will be responsible for the drafting of engaging and persuasive texts. The publisher is endowed with great creativity also in the realization of the page graphics and posts. 

During social management for commercial activities, planning and programming are very important to not leave things to chance, that’s why it is important to have an editorial plan established in advance to follow scrupulously.

Fourth phase: reports and statistics

A good management of social channels for a business is reporting. Social advertising campaigns allow us to accurately measure the relationship between advertising costs and economic income, in terms of sales and information requests.

This type of measurement is practically impossible with traditional advertising. Our social media strategist will provide you with a detailed report on a regular basis to check the progress of your social channels in terms of:

  • new Facebook fans or Instagram followers;

  • acquisition of new customers;

  • statistics on products sale (very important if in addition to your physical store you also have an ecommerce);

  • other statistics about brand awareness, brand reputation and so on.

Why choose our team of social media marketing professionals

If you choose to entrust us with the management of your social media channels you will have at your disposal not one, but three high-level professionals who will help you achieve a professional result, with an ensured economic return.

A social media strategist, a photographer/videomaker and a publisher in a unique solution to really make the difference on social media compared to your competitors.

Ours is not a low cost offer but surely with a lower price than the one you may incur by paying each professional individually, most likely if you chose to rely on a solitary social media manager or hire one within your business.

Here are the professionals who are part of our team:

strategy graphic

The strategist analyzes your industry, seasonality and your needs on the basis of which it will draw up a successful marketing plan. He will also plan social advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads.

photographer and videomaker graphic

Depending on the package you choose, a professional photographer will elaborate the photo book for your social channels. You can also use these photos for other purposes useful to your business.

graphic of a publisher

The publisher is the one who will plan the posts to be published on your social channels. His job is to create persuasive, original, engaging texts and create graphics adapted to your industry.

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social media management shop clothing shoes bags

Social network management for clothing, shoes and bags store

Clothing stores need to be present on social media, to build their reputation, their image, their positioning and to find new customers. Opening a Facebook page is the first step, but strategy is what makes the difference.

social media management for food stores

Social network management for grocery store

The food and wine sector suits itself very well to the logic of visual communication, which is predominant on social networks. 

social media management for phone shops

Social network management for phone stores

If you have a phone store, you can beat the competition by advertising your offers to the fullest, making you visible and recognizable in the eyes of your customers.

social media management for electronics stores

Social network management for electronics stores

Do you have an electronics store? Find out how to use social media to make your customers know you, making you visible and recognizable.

social media management pet shop

Social network management for pet shop

If your task is that of making our four-legged friends happy, looking for only the best products to resell in your pet shop, then you can not help but communicate through your social channels, all your expertise in the field, your assortment and your offers.

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