Social network management for freelancers

Are you a modern freelancer? Do you realize how important a social presence is to promote your professional profile? Maybe you have already got your hands on some social channels and wonder how you can get better results? Here are three common problems for many freelancers and consultants:

  • lack of time;

  • difficulty in planning the regular management of your social pages;

  • lack of technical skills for the advanced management of social advertising systems.

If you recognize yourself in any of the above situations, contact us. We have the solution that will allow you to take advantage of your social channels to give visibility to your brand and your services.

social network management for professionals

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We take care of the professional social network management of all professional figures

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  • Social network management for architects

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  • Social network management for photographers

  • Social network management for video makers

  • Social network management for sales agents

  • Social network management for real estate agents

  • Social network management for insurance brokers

Social media management for freelancers: why entrust it to outsiders specialists

Optimisation of resources and timing

When you typed on Google “free social media management for professionals” maybe you were looking for the service of a social media manager who takes care of your online presence.

Instead, you might be looking for a blog article that explains how to manage your brand or your professional figure on social channels.

If you take some time to read the rest of this page we will explain why, although you do well by searching for information, you will NOT get a good result by relying on one person (maybe a “cousin” or “friend”) or independently managing your social networks in an artisanal way, with the DIY.

strategy graphic

Any type of freelance activity requires training, dedication and expertise to achieve great results.

The dynamics of communications that underlie web marketing and specifically social media marketing are fascinating, but complex at the same time. Managing social media channels professionally and especially in an effective and efficient way, requires specific and practical skills on various business sectors. 

Relying on pseudo social media managers (the famous “cousins”, “friends” or “relatives”) at a low cost, will not bring you tangible benefits in terms, at the best, of economic return and at the worst could compromise your image as a freelancer.

That said, I want to explain now why, even a professional social media manager, may NOT suit your needs even if he has experience in managing social media channels.

I will use an example, perhaps banal, but easily understandable to everyone. You know a beautiful, fast, well-equipped car… How many people have contributed to make it pleasant, performing, safe…?

A whole TEAM! The equation is very simple: high-performance products are made by teams and so it is in all sectors, even in social media marketing. 

A team to manage my social page?

If this is your question now you will find out why it is fundamental and why it is also economically advantageous for you to manage it.

Suppose you have to or your lonely social media manager has to:

  • Analyze successful competitors on social media;

  • Study and create a medium-long-term communication strategy;

  • Plan and make the photos and videos that will go online on your social pages;

  • Plan and schedule all posts according to the weekly frequency you have chosen, taking care of uploading photos, videos and writing persuasive, engaging texts that create interactions with the audience or target of your page;

  • Monitor the page and statistical data and create a regular report of the activities carried out and the results achieved;

So much stuff, right?

The most important and difficult thing is the stage at which paid advertising campaigns are planned. If designed following an effective strategy and created them to perfection, it will allow you to significantly increase potential and new customers and profits.

What happens if they are not implemented effectively and efficiently? Simply you will waste your invested budget and you won’t get an economic return on your Facebook Ads campaign’s investment.

Social media management for freelancers: what solutions are at your disposal?

Surely you have already thought about the solutions you can undertake for the management of your professional profile on social networks. Despite this I’ll summarize the alternatives to get you to notice some aspects that you may not have considered.

do it by yourself social media management
“Do it yourself”

Do you have any idea how much it will cost you economically and how time-consuming will be for you to:

Study and attend courses in social media marketing? Some freelancers opt for this choice but remember that it is an uphill road. Taking a course, applying and testing the methods on your social channels, learning how to manage advertising campaigns yourself and so on. All this will take away not only money, but above all time and energy, which you could instead channel on developing your business and other important things in your life, like your family.

Not to mention the time and money you will have to spend to find a photographer and a video maker for video shooting and post production.

hire a social media manager
Hiring a social media manager

This might seem like a solution and some companies have an internal social media manager who takes care of a bit of everything. But do you have an idea of what the costs are? Hiring a really capable person will cost you quite a lot of money to pay a proper salary. Do we want to talk about contributions, holidays, sick leaves, 13th-month pay and other expenses? It will cost you quite a lot.

Also remember that an operating machine needs specific skills and specific professionals. What about the videos and the photos? Certainly an employee could also “get by” with a mobile phone or a camera, but the result will not be what your business deserves.

By doing so, if you still want true professional results you will have to spend more money on professional photos and video shooting.

Already realized that both solutions are not for you?

Now we present the third alternative, the one that will take you out of the maze of managing your social networks and finally you can see a little bit of light!

Why choose our team of social media marketing professionals

The third alternative is a TEAM of professionals associated with our agency, that can offer you solutions with all-inclusive packages and that you can choose according to your economic and industry needs

What does it mean? Depending on the industry you work in we analyze your actual and real needs. How many posts do you share every day? How many videos should be made? How many photos?

Often underprepared or inexperienced social media managers fail to make proper assessments. Maybe you will find someone who tells you that you must at least schedule 3 posts a day, someone else 3 a week and others will propose different solutions.

The truth? There is no single answer because every industry is different and every freelancer or consultant’s budget is different too. Often the right solution lies in the middle, otherwise we need to study tailor-made alternatives for each customer.

What advantage does our agency offer you? By uniting in a single team all the professional figures that a freelancer needs to be present on social networks we can provide a highly qualified professional service, but at a cost certainly lower than other solutions in which you will have to pay singularly every professional (photographer, videomaker, publisher etc).

What are the professional figures we put at your disposal?

strategy graphic

We can call him the coordinator and creator of the strategy. He will analyze your business, your competitors and other variables related to your business.

Following this analysis, it will design and develop a marketing plan, creating an editorial plan in the short, medium and long term. He will coordinate the activities of the photographer and publisher.. It will also deploy advertising campaigns on social networks.

photographer and videomaker graphic

Within our team we have a professional photographer with everything necessary to create a book of professional photographs for your social media pages.

High definition photos can excite and attract your audience.

Obviously photos will be your property and you can use them for any other purpose.

graphic of a publisher

The publisher will take care of everything related to the physical management of the page; therefore: creation of graphics, programming of the editorial plan and posts, drafting of content taking into account the target audience. Being persuasive is very important when communicating on social media but you must always take into account the target audience, using the “tone of voice” suitable for all types of users.

Discover our professional social management services

A professional social management ensures commitment and constant monitoring and, above all, cost optimization for guaranteed results

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