Social network management for hotels and guesthouses

Atena Solution deals with social management for hotels and accommodation facilities, discover our all-inclusive solutions that will allow you to focus your attention on the most important aspect of your business, the management of your hotel.

If you read this page until the end we will explain all the potential ways to better manage social communication for your hotel, but above all we will show you a high-performance solution that can truly generate important results.

Our service is suitable for:

  • Hotels

  • Holiday House

  • Bed and Breakfast

  • Farmhouses

  • Residence and Pensions

  • Campsites

  • Resort

  • other types of accommodation

Outsourced or internal social media management for hotels and guesthouses?

 Which is the best solution?

One of the questions that hosts often find themselves asking is what is the best way to manage their social media. Better to outsource it to some social media manager? Or is it better to delegate hotel’s social media management to your employees?

Let’s say that hypothetically both solutions could be taken into account, however it is important that you know some things regardless of the solution you choose.

Internal social media management

One of the most popular solutions for hoteliers is the “do it yourself” by entrusting the social communication of the hotel to some employee.

Understandable choice, it seems the cheapest and basically it’s just about posting some photos and offers, right?

If you use social networks such as Instagram and Facebook without a specific goal, that might be fine. Instead, if you aim to get an economic return and a return of image from social networks, that is not a good idea. 

What are some really important goals for a hotel?

  • bookings in your hotel;

  • holding loyalty of customer already acquired;

  • acquisition of new potential customers;

  • attract the right target of customers (eg high spenders whether it is a luxury hotel or vice versa).

social media management for hotels and accommodation structures

In order to reach these purposes, social media must be professionally and expertly managed: this requires you to hire an internal social media manager and costs will inevitably levitate, considering:

  • salary;

  • contributions;

  • working holidays;

  • work permits;

  • sick leaves;

  • 13th – month pay;

  • other expenses.

A different alternative is to train one of your employees, but this type of management is difficult considering that your employee will also have to do another job.

One more aspect to consider is the time and costs necessary to make him attend training courses that, once completed, won’t erase the fact that your internal social page manager does not have the experience necessary to achieve successful results.

Outsourced social media management for hotels

Entrusting the social media management of your hotel, guesthouse or bed and breakfast could be an effective alternative, always under the fundamental condition that sees a competent and expertised social media manager.

You also have to take in consideration that the social media manager for hotels is not a photographer, a video maker or a different sort of professional, necessary to manage your social media pages at best. So, you will have to deal with additional costs to pay the various professionals you will need.

If, on the contrary, you had a whole, all inclusive team at your disposal?

Why choose our team of social media marketing professionals

We thought of a “stress free” solution with a team of professionals dedicated to the social channels management of your hotel.

A social media strategist, a photographer/video maker and a publisher in just one solution to really mark a difference on social media when compared to your competitors.

Ours is not a low cost offer, but surely it is at a lower price than the one you should support paying each professional individually, which is very likely to happen if you chose to rely on a lonely social media manager or hiring one inside your hotel.

Social media strategy for hotels

Here are the professional figures that are part of our team not just a single touristic social media manager but three high-level professional figures that will help you get a professional result, with an ensured economic return.

strategy graphic

He’s the one who creates the social communications strategy based on the analysis of your industry and your competitors. It will plan an effective marketing plan to bring you to success through social media. It also deals with social advertising campaigns such as Facebook Ads.

photographer and videomaker graphic

Depending on the package you choose, a professional photographer and/or video maker will create the photo book for your social media pages. You can also use these photos for other purposes useful to your business.

graphic of a publisher

The publisher is the one who will take care of the communication and of the realization of posts for your social media pages. Creativity and persuasion are two fundamental characteristics of a good publisher. The publisher will follow step by step the strategist directives and follow a precise editorial plan.

Find out our professional social media management services

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Instead a professional social media management ensures commitment and constant monitoring and above all cost optimization for ensured results.

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Prices and quote for social media management for hotels and accommodation facilities

How much does it cost to outsource the management of social networks?

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