Social networks management for farms

Do you have an agricultural enterprise, a farm and not enough time to spend regularly managing your social networks? Atena Solution has the right remedy.

If you are thinking that social networks are not suitable for a company that works in the agricultural sector you will have to change your mind. There are many agricultural producers who work in the olive oil, wine, flour sectors and other types of niche food products that are successfully using social channels to make their business and products known and noted.

Ask us for further information and we will show you real and successful cases.

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Social network management for farms: service suitable to all companies working in the agricultural sector

  • Social network management for olive oil mills

  • Social network management for vineyards and wineries

  • Social network management for farmers

  • Social network management for breweries and malthouses

  • Social network management for hunting wildlife companies

  • Social network management for livestock and livestock breeders

Social network management for farms: why is it important

Social networks come in handy to all kinds of enterprise, also for those producing agricultural goods. A lot of farmers have modernized their company by organizing tasting tours of wine, olive oil and other products of the earth. 

The best way to advertise your events and products is to place them where the majority of people gather and in nowadays’ situation, social networks are the most crowded.

One main benefit of social networks is the consequent and fast word-of-mouth that generates when a person is satisfied from having tried a product or participated in an event. This may allow you to reach a wider public.

LSocial network are suitable for agricultural businesses with no doubts also because they allow you to excite your Fans or Followers by allowing them to feel and internalize the narration of your products since the first steps: starting, for example, from the choice of the crop to plant to the collection and processing, thus making you more modern and approachable by people.


Whether you are a producer of olive oil, wine or milk with livestock or any other type of farm, we will follow you step by step in the elaboration of an effective strategy for your type of industry.

We will help you identify the best social channels based on the types of agricultural products you process. The choice of which social media to show your company is important and, if you don’t have clear ideas if you don’t have clear ideas, you could waste a lot of time creating posts and content that won’t give you the results you hope for.

social media management for farms
Here is a list of the advantages you can benefit from professional management of your social network profiles
  • Farmers Brand Awareness

    Forget the outdated concept of the somewhat simplistic farmer you may be used to. Today the sector has evolved and the farmer is a true entrepreneur and as such it is not possible to leave out web marketing activities, including social media marketing, in order to survive and overrun your competitors.

    So you need a strong brand and help people become aware of your brand and the products related to it.

    Thanks to our social management system designed specifically for farms, we can increase awareness that has your target audience. 

  • Social Advertising

    Do you sell agricultural products at retail or online?

    With our geolocalized targeting systems, we’ll help you create on social media the kind of engaging advertising you need to bring customers to your farm.

    If you have an eCommerce and sell online, with our targeting system based on interests and preferences, we will help you implement the online sales of your products.

  • Social media and website

    Do you have a website dedicated to your farm?  Social media channels will act as a vehicle to channel people to the website by increasing their visits.

    If your site is an eCommerce that sells agricultural products online, the increase in sales is proportional to the traffic your site receives. Social media channels are a great source of traffic for the website and offer a great economic return.

  • More conversions

    To a farm it is important to generate quality contacts and also profile them with a certain precision

    For example, if you are an olive oil or wine producer you should be interested in people who love high quality products even if they cost more.

    With our system we will create a strategy made for you to acquire high spending and well profiled customers: you will not waste your budget focusing on a target of users who would choose supermarket products.

  • Customers are more satisfied

    The strength of social networks is that people can interact and “have a say”.

    This creates an immediate and direct relationship with the company that provides the product and then you get a better connection between your customers and your company and this will allow you to:

    • better understand their needs
    • help them solve any problems immediately
    • create an immediate relationship less impersonal than other forms of communication.
  • Brand confidence

    A satisfied customer pays you back in the medium/long term for at least 2 reasons:

    • will buy from you more often, so you will have an economic return;
    • will advertise you by speaking well of your products and maybe making them also taste to their friends; therefore you will have a positive image return.

    Obviously, achieving tangible and measurable results depends on the professionalism with which your social channels are managed and the skills of whoever takes care of their management.

    I advise you to keep reading the next paragraph because you will find out why Atena Solution is the winning solution to farms that want to make their voice heard on social media.

Why choose Atena Solution for the social management of farms

Maybe you wonder what’s so special about Atena Solution compared to other web agencies or social media managers?

We have extensive experience not only in web marketing in general, but above all we know very well the reality of Umbrian farms and we worked directly with some of them to implement their visibility on the internet.

We will study with you and for you the best strategy by customizing it according to the agricultural sector in which you operate.

One more strength of our agency is that we have a team of professionals exclusively dedicated to social management activities..

Thanks to our team made of a social strategist, a photographer and a publisher you will not have to take care of anything, except your business.

Ours is not a craft service in the style of “cousin” or “friend”.

Ours is a high quality and high performance service with assured economic returns and we will document them with regular and detailed reports.

strategy graphic

The strategist analyzes your industry, seasonality and your needs on the basis of which it will draw up a successful marketing plan. He will also plan social advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads.

photographer and videomaker graphic

Depending on the package you choose, a professional photographer will elaborate the photo book for your social channels. You can also use these photos for other purposes useful to your business.

graphic of a publisher

The publisher is the one who will plan the posts to be published on your social channels. His job is to create persuasive, original, engaging texts and create graphics adapted to your industry.

Professional social management ensures constant commitment and monitoring and above all, cost optimization for assured results.

Prices and quote for social networks management for farms

How much does it cost to outsource the social networks management?

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